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A few years ago, Chef Dan said to Dan, “I need to get back in the kitchen.” Dan replied, “someday let’s go in on a food truck together”… When the opportunity came up to have a food truck on a beautiful farm, serving local food to our friends and community, we couldn’t resist. Our mission is to provide customers with delicious, sustainably sourced local meals that showcase New Hampshire’s farms and artisans, while fostering a sense of community and promoting the farm-to-table value. We want to be a part of the connection between local food and our community. Come join us for some great food at Longview Farm in the Summer, online prepared meals in the winter or contact us to consult with the chef for catering your event.


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At Longview Farm Summer 2024!

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“…We are excited to work with local farms and artisans to bring delicious food to our community…”

Dan Boynton